March 28th, 2016

Upcoming Webinars: PQRS 2016 and Why You Should Care

Dr. Dan Mingle will walk you through changes to PQRS and the value-based modifier for 2016.
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PQRS 2016: Why You Should Care
April 12 @ 1 PM PT; 4 PM ET
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MACRA legislation in 2015 has queued PQRS to be discontinued and MIPS to take its place in 2017. So why should a practice care about a lame-duck quality reporting program?

Dr. Dan Mingle, CEO and nationally-recognized expert on quality reporting, will give you a concise overview of PQRS and share what you need to know to avoid penalty and earn incentive for 2016 quality reporting.

The webinar will cover:

  • Common determinants of success and points of failure for PQRS.
  • Changes to value-based modifier participation and penalties.
  • PQRS transition to MIPS, the merit-based incentive payment system.

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PQRS 2016: Why You Should Care
Presenter: Dr. Dan Mingle
April 12 @ 1 PM PT; 4 PM ET
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Additional sessions:

February 11th, 2016

Still time to succeed with PQRS for 2015 reporting year

Don't miss the important PQRS Registry reporting deadline of March 31, 2016

Time is running short for PQRS reporting; missing the March 31, 2016 deadline could mean a penalty of up to 6% for your Medicare reimbursements.

Rely on PQRS Solutions™ from Mingle Analytics to beat the deadline and make a successful submission. More good news—we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Begin your submission now to beat the deadline of March 31, 2016.

Our promise is to continue accepting as many new clients as possible right up to the deadline, but signing up sooner rather than later will ensure you don’t miss out!

Register today and you will work with your own friendly, knowledgeable PQRS Consultant to help you select a submission method, choose measures, and guide you through collecting your data. And there's more:

  • Our CMS-qualified registry has a submission success rate over 99%.
  • Our analytical tools accept data from all EHRs and practice management systems.
  • We can even repurpose your claims data for PQRS submissions.

You must act soon—the submission deadline for 2015 PQRS Registry reporting is March 31, 2016.

Have questions?

Make us your quality reporting partner, put your worries to rest, and protect yourself from Medicare penalties.

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On-Demand Webinar: Succeed with PQRS for 2015
New offering: Specialized Registry for Meaningful Use
Blog post: What's New For Reporting PQRS for 2015?

December 22nd, 2015

Announcing the MUSE Collaborative & Specialized Registry Reporting

Are you looking for a Specialized Registry for Meaningful Use? Are you interested in forming a QCDR? Do you want to succeed with MIPS?

Introducing the Mingle Analytics MIPS, Meaningful Use, and Specialized Registry Exemplar (MUSE)™ Collaborative, a mutually beneficial program to help practices excel in the evolving environment of healthcare transformation.

By joining the MUSE Collaborative, you will be able to meet the CMS requirements for active engagement with a Specialized Registry for Meaningful Use.

You are invited to become a member of the MUSE Collaborative. Sign up by February 29, 2016, to take advantage of the Specialized Registry.

What's required to take advantage of Specialized Registry reporting with Mingle Analytics?

  1. Enter into a non-binding agreement, at no-cost until inception, with Mingle Analytics by February 29, 2016, indicating intent to report to the Mingle Analytics Specialized Registry
  2. Establish automated data flow to Mingle Analytics data repository
  3. Provision of technical resources to maintain and expand data flow as clinical resource to monitor and adjust measure selection and performance levels

In addition to offering a Specialized Registry, the MUSE Collaborative will work to achieve Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) status for one or more registries. As a member of the Collaborative, you will have the opportunity to help establish measure specifics for the QCDR(s).

Finally, the collaborative will provide participants with tools and processes to excel in the Medicare Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) including understanding the MIPS process, risks, opportunities and implications for each practice.

Have questions? Learn more about the MUSE Collaborative and you can download the Letter of Engagement to join MUSE Collaborative.

We are excited to offer this expanded opportunity to excel in the evolving environment of healthcare transformation as your quality reporting partner.

June 29th, 2015

Greenlight Maine selects Mingle Analytics as semifinalist

Mingle Analytics will compete for $100,000 prize.

We are excited to share that Greenlight Maine has advanced Mingle Analytics to the semifinals in a $100,000 pitch competition. The next phase of the competition will be aired on TV and is set to begin in September. The show and competition will culminate in June 2016 with a live pitch event for the $100,000 prize.

Read more about Greenlight Maine in the Portland Press Herald and Mainebiz. Tune into Greenlight Maine beginning Saturday, September 12th, on WCSH6 and WLBZ2 at 7:30 EST following Bill Green's Maine.

Mingle Analytics was selected from 86 initial submissions. Watch CEO Dr. Dan Mingle's video entry:

Mingle Analytics is in the business of Healthcare Reform from Dr. Dan Mingle on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for an announcement about when the episode featuring Mingle Analytics will air by following us on LinkedIn.

Thank you to everyone who has helped Mingle Analytics grow, especially our dedicated team and clients who are committed to high-quality healthcare.

July 3rd, 2014

2014 Deadline for Registry Reporting

Medicare made it official: March 31, 2015 is the deadline for submitting PQRS data via Registry for the 2014 program year.


January 14th, 2014

GRPO Registration for 2014

The window of opportunity and deadline to register for the Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) for 2014 PQRS reporting has not yet been set. CMS has stated that the portal will open some time in March and close in September.

GPRO can make the process of reporting much easier.

PQRS Solutions assists clients to elect this method of reporting, which in 2014 allows you to submit either Registry or EHR-based measures and can make it easier to avoid any adjustment due to the Value-Based Modifier.  

We encourage clients to get started now with setting up an IACS account.




January 12th, 2014

Scott Larsen Joins Mingle Analytics

We are pleased to announce that Scott Larsen will be joining the senior management team at Mingle Analytics / PQRS Solutions on February 3, 2013.

Among other credits, Scott has been Clinical Applications Manager at Regional West Medical Center in Nebraska, Director of Information Systems for New West Physicians in Colorado, and Manager of Information Systems for Groople when it was an internet startup.  He brings extensive experience implementing and managing healthcare information systems and will be invaluable as we scale our systems and ramp up our development to meet the demands of our rapidly growing client base.

Scott helps to bring us one giant step closer to our goal of becoming the Nation’s most popular, most accurate, and most prolific submitter of Health Care Quality data to Medicare for the Physician Quality Reporting System, the Value Based Modifier, and for Clinical Quality Measures.


December 29th, 2013

2014 Measures now out

CMS has released the new measures and measure groups for 2014.

You can download them here.


November 7th, 2013

PQRS Review

Didn't get your 2012 PQRS Incentive?

Request an informal review. Learn how by reading this CMS Fact sheet or follow these instructions:

In order to request an informal review of 2012 PQRS performance, CMS must receive a valid informal review request via the web-based tool, Quality Reporting Communication Support Page, during the informal review period. Please follow the steps below to submit a valid request:

  • Individual EPs or designated support staff will need to submit a request for an informal review for each individual rendering National Provider Identifier (NPI) for each Tax Identification Number (TIN) under which the requestor submitted 2012 PQRS QDCs or data.

    Groups that participated in the GPRO will need to have their main point of contact request an informal review for the TIN under which the GPRO submitted 2012 PQRS QDCs or data.
  • To submit the request, go to the Communication Support Page between November 1, 2013 and February 28, 2014.
  • Complete the mandatory fields in the online form, including the appropriate justification, for the request to be deemed valid. Failure to complete the form in full will result in the inability to process the request. CMS or the QualityNet Help Desk may contact the requestor for additional information if necessary.





October 12th, 2013

GPRO Deadline Extended

The deadline for GPRO self-nomination has been extended to 11:59 Eastern Time: October 18, 2013

Contact PQRS Solutions for assistance: